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Who doesn’t like to Shop, Save & Earn?  Who doesn’t like to dress to impress in your style personality? Who doesn’t like to buy some gifts for yourself or for your loved ones? Who doesn’t like to travel, cruise and enjoy the beach?  Who doesn’t like to go to SPA, have some body & foot massage?  Who doesn’t like to go for a Broadway show or watch some movies at the weekend? Who doesn’t like to shop for some new clothes, jewelry, handbags, cosmetics for new seasons to make you standout, look more handsome & pretty? Who doesn’t like to go to a restaurant for some romantic dinners and shop for groceries weekly? 

I like to shop, like to have good deals, like to earn some money if possible to fund my shopping & lifestyle. I’m so thankful to JR & Loren Ridinger!  They have created an amazing Shopping, Saving, Tracking & Earning System so that everybody can Get Paid for everything we shop from various stores, for all the major brands at one location: Shop2Earn.Org. You should check out!  Register yourself as a preferred customer now and don’t forget your referral email: 

I just did my weekly grocery shopping at InstaCart.Com through Shop2Earn.Org.  $35 for free shipping. Earn 5% Cashback or 3% IBV.  The order was delivered in front of my door within 2 hours. I save my precious time to do some result producing activities and I get paid for doing that. What a lifestyle!  Shop, Save & Earn for my Grocery now is real!  No joking! It’s real!!!

How to Shop, Save & Earn for Grocery Shopping at Shop2Earn.Org
1. Log in
2. Register as a preferred customer. Your referral email:
3. Search for once your log in (if you want to get paid)
4. Create a customer account with InstaCart.Com through
Shop2Earn.Org (if you want to get paid)
5. Go to stores to select store name that you want shopper to shop for you (ALDI, Wegmans, ACME Markets, Costco, CVS, Petco, Kings, WholeFood).
6. Select enought items that is over $35 for free shipping.
7. Select tip for shopper. I normally pay $2.00 for shopping.

Be open mind & give a try, you will love it.

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