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Awake, Achieve, Arise

2017 is the 25th Year of MarketAmerica/Shop.Com Entrepreneurial Success. To celebrate our company 25th Anniversary, I am going to giveaway 25 Awake Energy Shots on 05/10/2017.
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Why Choose Awake Energy Shots?
Awake Energy Shots provide much needed fuel and promote mental focus without the crash later. With 200mg of caffeine, combined with amino acids and B-vitamins, Awake Energy Shots provide long lasting physical and mental energy without any sugars or calories found in leading energy products on the market.

Who Should Take Awake Energy Shot?
Students, young professionals and anyone looking for extra energy.

What are the ingredients that make Awake Energy Shot work?
All of the ingredients in Awake Energy Shot are important, and they work together to deliver an energy surge much stronger than any one of the ingredients does on its own. Caffeine combined with amino acids and vitamins that are crucial in promoting the body’s own energy production, which helps to deliver energy much faster and reduces the possibility of “crash” afterward.

How quickly does Awake Energy Shot take effect?
Results will vary, depending on the individual, but most users report increased energy and alertness within 10-15 minutes of using Awake Energy Shot.

How long do the effects of Awake Energy Shot last?
Awake Energy Shot is designed to provide sustained energy, working primarily by promoting the body’s own energy systems. The effects typically last for several hours, with a minimum of any “crash” effect afterward.

Will Awake Energy Shot make me feel nervous or jittery?
If you are used to drinking coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks, then you should not feel jittery. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should probably start this product with a half serving initially and see how you feel.

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