Shopping Annuity

Beautiful From Inside Out With The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through Shop.Com/Everything4u.  Unlike typical annuity from a bank, you don’t have to invest a massive amount of money to get started.  your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchase.  By shopping through Shop.Com/Everything4u you can earn up to 50% cash back.

I’m a busy mom who don’t have lot of time to shop, cook & bake. Shop.Com/Everything4u helps me solve the problem & fill in the gap. Look what a “lazy mom” can do! I just have my grocery delivered in front of the house, and I save my time to do the result producing activities. What a great solution to time management! Apart from all this, I get paid for saving my time.

To fully benefit myself and my family, I basically purchase all my skincare products, cosmetics products, health & wellness products, grocery, book my airplane tickets & hotels, upgrade my fashion, style and accessories, etc. from Shop.Com/Everything4u where I can Shop, Save & Earn from everytyhing I buy at one location at the same time. I am so thankful for @JR Ridinger and @Loren Ridinger to create such a wonderful system that helps me and many others change lives and become financially independant by creating our own economy with the Shopping Annuity.

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Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a transition lifestyle coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor & Educator; Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Advisor; Certified Personal Style Coach and Beauty Consultant.

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