Attitude & Habit

Entrepreneur’s Work Attitude and Habits

What Makes You Reach Your Goal & Not Reach Your Goal?
Pay attention to the way of your thinking, action and behave.
Your way of thinking will determine your attitude and your behavior will reflect your habits.

Your Attitude Will Determine:

1. What kind of work Ability you are going to Developed
2. Which kind of People you are going to Attract
3. The Willingness of the Partner who want to work with you
4. Your Impact to your team
5. What kind of Team you are going to built
6. What kind of Outcome your business will have
7. You are Active or Passive
8. You are Positive or Negative
9. You are Responsible or Irresponsible
10. You are Optimistic or Pessimistic
11. You are Willing or Not Willing to Try
12. You Are Passionate or Not Non-Passionate
13. You are Confident or Anxious
14. You are Serious or Careless about your business
15. You are Focus or Clueless
16. You are Diligent or Lazy
17. You are Investing or Staying Out of the Way
18. You are Pleasant or Painful
19. You are Consistent & Persistent or Give Up
20. You are Firm or Hesitant
There are many more. . .

What’s Your Attitude in the Past Six Months?

Attitude Is a Reaction!
Listen to Your Words:
“I am not complaining, but why he, my business partner, senior business partner,
my team leader, my husband, etc. not…”

“I don’t know how; I don’t have time …”

Attitude Is a Choice!

Watch your Behavior!

Because of your attitude: you can choose go to or not to go:

Meeting after the meeting
Product overview
Do homework
Buy tickets
Sell Tickets
Reply to the messages
Face problems and solve problems
Involved with group coring

Attitude Can Develop into a Habit!
Habit Can Become a System
System Can Determine Your Result

Attitude and Habit Come from Your Identity

Identity Is Who You Want to Become.
Faith, Values, Self-Image
“Yes! We Can Do It!”

Why Is Your Inner Power & Your Dream Board?
Inner Desire
“Yes, I don’t want to work for other people, I want to become my own boss;
I want to be financial free and time free!”

Is the Process, Is Your Action Plan?
Approach, Habit, System
3/1/2, and 90-Day Fast Track

Is the Results, Your Target?
Base 10 and 7 Strong
Pin Level
Ongoing Income

What Key Good Habits You Want to Build for Your Business?
Learning & Training: Listen to audio & training recording, read notes, attend online meetings & coring’s; Read FB group sharing, follow-up with your customers and business partners; and bring them to the training.

Retail: Record tracking for customer’s orders; Collect product testimonials and share them on social media; Record before & after using products; help customers identify and build their shopping options.

Qualify and Recruit: Build good relationship with your potential customers and business partners. Establish your positive image in your business network and social media network. Interact with your friends on social media by clicking “Like” and making comments on their shares & posts. Arrange a meet up meeting in a local cafe or a public place where there is Wi-Fi service. Go through our online Shopping Mall Portal, share with your friends what we have and what benefits (Cashback, Discount, gift Cards etc.) they can receive.

ABC pattern & Duplication: Let your new business partners duplicate what you are doing.
Create a sharing environment, recognize and reward the winner. Use Getting Started Guide to help new business partner start the business in a correct way.

Record & Monitor Your Daily Habits:
Not So Good & Not So Bad

How to Implement Good Habits into Your Daily Life?

1. Design Good Environment: Take away the temptation in order to implement your good habits; help build an environment that people can focus.
2. Remind & Reward Yourself Daily: After ____ every day, I will do _____ in _____, then I will ______.
3. Record, Result & Sharing: Tracking the record and share the result.

Redefine Yourself
I Believe,
I Desire
I Want
I Will Do It
I Will Become

Before, didn’t participate in training weekly, but now I become ____________________________
Before, didn’t participate Shopping Annuity Master Program quarterly, but now I become______
Before, didn’t recruit two people quarterly, but now I become_____________________________
Before, didn’t do ABC pattern quarterly, but now I _______________and become _____________

The Necessary Condition for the Growth Is Your Investment in the Process

The most important thing is not if you are successful or failing now, but it is your habit. It is whether you put yourself onto the right track to success.

You should focus on the process, not the outcome! Focus on helping people get on the right track of good habits and good attitude, do the basic business requirements, be consistent and persistent on your good daily habits, the successful outcome will follow.

Design, execute, repeat your successful daily attitudes and habits and make yourself the best version of yourself!

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