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How Shop Local Let Mom Get Paid

Most Moms like to cook and enjoy cooking & baking. But sometimes, Moms need to give yourself some special treat. Go to some local restaurants to relax & enjoy the cousin’s food.

I was Not born with a talent of cooking! Every day I always worry about “What’s for Dinner?”. Each day, after I finish working, I really like to go to the Gym instead of cooking. We don’t have a big family, so cooking is a big job for me. After the Gym, I start to cook, then we end up to eat dinner late almost every night, sometimes 8:30 pm and other time 9:00 pm. After cooking and eating, I am exhausted and food doesn’t taste good to me anymore. If I really want to have some authentic meal, even Chinese food, I like to go to a Chinese restaurant to be able to enjoy the quality.

I am so thrilled to find out that Shop.Com partnered with Balance by BistroMD, where I can order the quality and portion control, weight management cousin meal and delivered to my house. The most importance, I will get paid by doing that. Whatever I eat or drink, I can buy everything from my own website and get paid by doing that. This Website is free for anyone. You should give a try。

The ordering process is so simple: Go to the website: to register as a preferred customer for Free! Don’t forget the referred email: There is No Annual fee involved. Then I search for Balance by BistroMD. They offer 100 different alternate meals. Any order over $99 is free shipping.

Now I have no more worry about what to cook for dinner, when to cook dinner and how to cook dinner. It is ready to serve! I can even use them as my lunch menu! What a beautiful gift to me! Aloha!!!

Weekend is coming, I don’t like to cook at weekend either. ( I grew up with nanny! Just joking)
Shop.Com gives me another way to feed us up: #Shop Local.

Shop Local for Customer

simply upload my Credit Card into the Website: with computer or cell phone. Then wherever we go, I will search for the local restaurant that offer Cashback.?

Shop Local Program for Merchant

Wei Wei Ning

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Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a transition lifestyle coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor & Educator; Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Advisor; Certified Personal Style Coach and Beauty Consultant.

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