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Prevent & Treat Toothache with Natural Supplements

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Chinese proverb says: Toothache is not a disease, but when it comes to you, it will take your life away. It is very painful for sure.


What Treatments Are Available for a Toothache?
Treatment for a toothache depends on the cause. If a cavity is causing the toothache, your dentist will fill the cavity or possibly extract the tooth, if necessary. A root canal might be needed if the cause of the toothache is determined to be an infection of the tooth’s nerve. Bacteria that have worked their way into the inner aspects of the tooth cause such an infection. An antibiotic may be prescribed if there is fever or swelling of the jaw. Occasionally, phototherapy with a cold laser, usually in conjunction with another treatment, may be used to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with the toothache.


What supplements you can take to reduce the pain?

1. Isotonix OPC 3 3 capfuls, twice per day



2. Co Q10 1 gel, twice per day

3. Isotonix Vitamin C 2 capfuls, twice per day


4. Isotonix Digestive Enzymes 3 capfuls, 3 times per day


5. Ultimate Aloe Juice 6 oz, twice per day


6. Omega 3 Fish Oil2 gels, twice per day


7. Isotonix Acai 2 capfuls, twice per day


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