What Conquer Entertainment Can Do For Musicians?

I never forget the day when I took my first Conquer Entertainment Cads Training. It completely opened my eyes and allowed me see my business in a different perspective. If we can leverage the power of ShopCom Unfranchise System, MPCP, ShopCom Marketing Tools & Social Mediate Platform; leverage Musicians, Artists, Celebrities & Social Media Influencers, everybody can win a big time. Why not?

What Is Conquer Entertainment? 
Conquer Entertainment is a premier music industry resource to educate musicians and music industry professionals on the music industry, music experts advice, publishing and distribution information, direct-to-fan advice, and branding. 

Conquer Entertainment is a turnkey solution for an artist or their team to open, own, and successfully operate an independent label for the purpose of creating music, branding artists, building a music career, and generating income. The music industry today is searching for a better way to become successful, and Conquer Entertainment is the solution.

Conquer Entertainment Artists From rock to country to hip hop and the latest dance craze, Conquer Entertainment features it all! also boasts an online music store where you can get your favorite style and products from the Conquer Entertainment artists you like uses DIRECTLY FROM THEIR PROFILE! The best part – it’s free to listen to any song three times site wide.

Conquer Entertainment MLM Conquer Entertainment is an MLM in a different way. Our MLM starts for MUSICIANS LEVERAGING MARKETING. We give the musician the power to market themselves online direct to fan, and the fan reaps the reward.

Conquer Entertainment Review
Conquer Entertainment Blog offers online review of albums, events, music technology, and any next big thing that’s out there in the music industry. We aim to be the premier blog for entertainment industry news, and you can help us by submitting any material you think we would like to feature for review.

Conquer Entertainment Services offers a host of different music services that musicians can take advantage of with our music platform GetConquer.Com.

Conquer Entertainment Video Conquer Entertainment video channel on YouTube creates a host of educational and event videos to give you better insight into the world of

Conquer Entertainment Wraped Tour Conquer Entertainment has partnered with Vans Warped Tour as a roadie, merchandiser, and most recently, stage host in 2014. You can view all of our videos on our YouTube channel as well as the posts below.

Conquer UnLabel Conquer UnLabel program is a turnkey system allowing an average musician to make above average income utilizing the

Lifestyle Marketing Lifestyle marketing is one of the most powerful tools an artist can use to build their career in today’s music industry and Conquer Entertainment can help.

Music Meets Lifestyle  Musicians now have the ability to monetize their music, merchandise and events as well as capitalize on their brand through lifestyle marketing. Start receiving royalties on the brands you promote but are not endorsed by. 

The following is the example how Musicians’ website benefit from one of APN Tools: Product Kit Generator

Example for Musicians
https:Example for Musician

Follow the instruction Below and create your very 1st Product Kit to monetize musician’s website

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Register Your APN Affiliate Account & Get APN ID No
Select Dashboard at Sign In
Select Kit Generator
Full In Your APN ID No
Name Your Kit
Select Preferable Site
Select Language (English or Spanish)
Search by Keyword or Category
Select Your Products for the Kit
Preview Selection
Get Code Snippet
Copy the Code Snippet From HTML5 iFram
Paste the Code Snippet Into Blog
Save & Publish
You Are Ready To Go
Get Your
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